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All of our surgeons are board-certified plastic surgeons who have been performing breast augmentations for over 15 years. They all average about 120 breast augmentations annually. Additionally, our surgeons only use physician anesthesiologists, rather than nurses, to provide general anesthesia. We believe that their extensive training and expertise enhance patient comfort and safety.

Are Breast Implants Safe?

No other medical device has been studied to the extent that breast implants have. Tens of thousands of women have been studied with breast implants and the FDA has determined them to be safe. Since the early 1960’s when silicone implants were first introduced, there have been thousands of studies showing the safety of implants. In the early 1990’s, however, there was a concern that silicone gel implants caused various disorders such as auto immune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and even migraines. Because the implant manufacturers did not have any data specifically proving that implants did not cause these diseases, the FDA ordered them removed from the market until further data could be collected. In 2007, this new data was presented to the FDA and showed no relationship between breast implants and these various diseases after studying over 10,000 women with implants. Since then, silicone gel implants have been put back on the market and are available to the general public.

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Extended Breast Implant Warranty

As part of our commitment to our patients, we purchase an Allergan Confidence Plus Platinum Warranty for all of our breast implant patients. This warranty will cover up to $2400 in costs for an implant deflation that occurs within 10 years of surgery. In other words, if your implant deflates within the first 10 years of surgery, we will replace it without cost to you. It is rare for surgeons to include this warranty.

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